Who am I?

Well, that’s never easy to answer, especially on a single page…
but if you’d like to find out a bit more about me,
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Who is Milos – A more conventional approach
Who is Milos – A less conventional approach
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A more conventional approach

I’m currently helping build up and shape Danish startup Opinodo as a COO, as well as helping grow a publishing house I co-founded, Kovacnica prica.

I graduated from Faculty of Philology, University in Belgrade, at Scandinavian Studies Department, with Norwegian language as main, and got my MSc in Marketing and Communications with a partial scholarship from Rome Business School. I’m currently on my road to get a second MSc – in Engineering Management at Singidunum University.

Before focusing full time on Opinodo in the beginning of 2017, I’ve been working as a freelancer for 2+ years, and had a chance to be a part of some exciting projects, meet some awesome people and travel a lot.

I was lucky to work for clients from more than 15 countries in Europe, Asia and USA – on various positions and projects. Some of my clients were the world’s fastest growing mobile market for used goods, letgo; Europe’s largest online seller of tires, Delticom; one of the leading Serbian and regional business magazines in English, CorD magazine; Las Vegas’ leading SEO expert agency; and many more.

Before going full-time freelance, I also worked at two international companies – Microsoft Development Centre Serbia and MyTrendyPhone, one of the leading Scandinavian e-commerce businesses selling mobile equipment at the time.

Besides work and studies and courses at Rome Business School in Italy, University of Belgrade and Singidunum University in Serbia and University of Bergen in Norway, I gained knowledge through different workshops and conferences in Serbia and Europe, in the fields of intercultural dialogue, data-driven storytelling, public narrative, conflict resolution, strategic planning, journalism…

Let’s be less conventional…

What’s Milos proud of?

Milos Belcevic at TEDxVrsac
Speaking about the power of technology to bring positive changes at TEDxVrsac, 2016


I had a chance to do some cool stuff, and although I hope to do a lot more, and a lot better, I think it’s good to be happy about what we have achieved. Also about our “failures” we can learn from…

Here are some thing I am proud of:

  1. Got the highest level of Norwegian language certificate (Trinn 4), by the age of 21. Translated my frist book from Norwegian by the age of 23.
  2. Gave a TEDx talk, and held over 5 speeches and workshops by 24, although (I used to) have public speaking anxiety
  3. Started a publishing house by 24 and brought some amazing books to Serbia, as well as gave a chance to great Serbian writers


What does Milos like?*

Working in Riga

*(When we’re not talking about storytelling, biz dev and communications)


It’s pretty usual stuff: I love traveling, Nordics, reading, music and languages.


I love traveling, and I was blessed to be a kind of a digital nomad/globetrotter thanks to working remotely for 2+ years.

Some of the best places I’ve been to: Norway, Hong Kong, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltics…
Some of the places I’d like to visit: India, Faroese Islands, Greenland, US, UK, Australia…


I really like the Nordics. It’s not that I just studied Scandinavian studies, it’s that I love the languages, cultures and people of the North. When I’m tired of all the Balkan stuff in Serbia (which also has it’s amazing aspects), I think about moving to Norway. I’ve visited all the Nordic countries except Iceland and Faroese Islands, which I plan to do as soon as I get the chance 🙂


I love reading a good book! Sometimes, I struggle with free time, but I read whenever I get the chance, mostly in English, Norwegian and Serbian. Be sure to check out my Goodreads profile if you’d like to see what I read. My favorite writer(s)? Probably Johan Harstad and Danilo Kis.


I really appreciate music, and I think it has such a power to move us, engage us, make us happy or sad… Fun fact, I used to play classical guitar in elementary school, but haven’t done it in ages.

Here are my favorite artists I had a chance to hear live – in no particular order
(I’ll try to keep the list updated)

Sigur ros (2012, Maribor, Slovenia)
Alt J (2015, Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary)
ANOHNI (2016, Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland)
Placebo (2016, Zagreb, Croatia)
Joan Baez (2014, Belgrade, Serbia)
Moddi (2016, Budapest, Hungary)
Josipa Lisac (2010 in Belgrade, Serbia and other 6+ times in Croatia and Serbia)
Ane Brun (2015, Stockholm, Sweden)
Ivri Lider (2013, Budapest, Hungary)
Florence + The Machine (2015, Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary)
MØ (2015, Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary)
Sia (2016, Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland)
Massive Attack (2016, Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland)

Would like to hear live: Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, Bon Iver, Laleh, Avishai Cohen, Keren Ann, Soley, Of Monsters and Man, Perfume Genius…


Serbian is my first language, and I’m fluent in English and Norwegian. This means I can also understand Croatian and Bosnian totally, as well as Danish and Swedish partially.

I’m learning German.

Some nice day, I’d like to learn Hebrew/Ivrit.

+ Meeting new people

I also like meeting new people! Would you like to get in touch? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

My social media

As I love meeting and connecting with new people, you’ll find me on different social media.
I’m most active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LikedIn,
I love Goodreads,
and I’m (kind of) regular on Snapchat – mostly for DMs
If you’d like to connect with me, feel free to add me on any of these…