I’ve read a book by Neil Pasricha “The Hapiness equation”  and here are the 5 THINGS TO START DOING NOW to become a much happier person.

We all know how the doors open in our lives when we are happy. Good mood attracts more people than grumpiness (unless you are a grumpy cat).

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You can start doing these things today and please let me know if they are working out for you on Snapchat (jovana_joxynyc) or Twitter/Instagram/FB @joxynyc (you can find all my social accounts at my about.me page). I’d be super happy if they help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Per week:

You need 3 walks per week to increase your happiness level, boost your energy and give you more focus. Try walking with a friend or alone, but don’t be on your cellphone all the time. Try observing things around you, don’t rush and try not to over-think it, just walk and focus on the now. We are too busy always focusing on the next thing that we forget how therapeutically it can feel to just be in the moment.

Do 5 random acts of kindness per week. I personally always carry chocolate bars in my bag and give them out to random people begging in the street. I believe that even when they beg for money chocolate bar will cheer them up more, because they don’t expect it.

Moreover, every month I invest 20% of my income to charity. I pick out different one each time. As Tony Robins says: The secret to living is giving. If you wait to become rich to start giving your time and money away, you are greatly mistaken. You can always give something to someone, despite how little you think you have, someone has even less.

When I was broke and couldn’t give any money, I used to give my time and help people in areas I am good at: marketing, travel blogging, writing etc.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for each week. It can be a delicious meal you tasted, a message from an old friend, a successful day at work or just a fact you have a comfortable bed, electricity and water, because if you think that’s all irrelevant for your happiness , just go to a shelter house in your home town and see how some people live.

Helping out someone in need and seeing a smile on a child’s face is precious. The moments I volunteered made me cry, smile, laugh but above all grow as a person and learn to appreciate things I used to take for granted.

Per day

Try journaling 20min per day about what went right, what went wrong and what you can do to improve. Write down your goals, your plans and desires for tomorrow. If you are feeling down at the moment, write about what you love, who you love and who loves you. Right a bucket list with all the places you want to see, dishes you want to try and animals you want to hug (For me it’s hug a panda and a koala and swimming with dolphins).

5 minutes of meditation per day. I know, it’s by now common sense that mediation works, so stop making excuses and try out Calm or HeadSpace  tonight! I loved Headspace Take 10 program when I started meditating! Put your headphones on, go to bed and do what Andy from Headspace is telling you to do 😉

Jovana MiljanovicJovana Miljanovic is a Marketing Technologist and a real hustler on high heels. She worked in major technology companies in New York and London, co-founded 3 apps and lived in 5 countries in the last 3 years due to work. She travelled over 35 countries and her hobbies are yoga, kickboxing and writing.

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