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100 Days Data Analyst Challenge


DAY 001

19th of April

…coming soon


It’s Saturday, 18th of April, 9:18 PM EST (sounds better than Sunday, 3:18 AM ‘my time’) – and I decided to try and do a 100 Days Challenge with learning the basics of Data Analysis.


I’ve been interested in stats and data science for quite some time now, reading some quite interesting books (like ‘Naked Statistics’, ‘Everybody Lies’, ‘The Drunkard’s Walk’, ‘Understanding Complexity’, ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’…), always pushed for data-driven approach working at different roles (from Product Owner to COO), I know how important and powerful Data is… but somehow never actually properly rolled my sleeves and dug into it.

I have some more free time due to the whole COVID-19 situation and I want to push myself (publicly) and finally make some time to seriously focus on this :)

I did study a bit previously and took some basic Python intro course on DataCamp, so this Day 0 is to set up some ground rules, set up Toggl for time tracking, plan a bit and kick off the whole challenge tomorrow.


So, here it is:



– 1.5 hours per day
– Starting with Data Analyst With Python track on DataCamp
– Track in Toggl
– Write a summary here on the page
– No skipping, no cheating :)