Math Impacts Lives – Jelena Kovacevic [CorD Magazine, June 2018]

This interview with Jelena Kovacevic, Professor, Dean Of NYU Tandon School Of Engineering,was originally published in June 2018 issue of CorD Magazine. From the neighbourhoods of Belgrade and a childhood love for puzzles and patterns, via Master and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University, working at Carnegie Mellon, the co-founding of a company and the spreading of innovation […]

Where Finance MeetsTechnology & Innovation – John Hucker [CorD Magazine, June 2018]

This interview with John Hucker, President Of Swiss Finance + Technology Associationwas originally published in June 2018 issue of CorD Magazine. Exclusively for CorD, John Hucker, President of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association, talks about tech innovations like blockchain and AI, but also challenges and opportunities for the financial industry and a reimagining of it. What […]

Koliko su žene zapostavljene u top menadžmentu banaka u Srbiji?

Koliko su žene zastupljene na ključnim pozicijama u struci za koju, između ostalog, u Srbiji tradicionalno pretežno školuju žene… Nedavno sam poželeo crno na belo da vidim koliko ima muškaraca i žena na ključnim pozicijama banaka u Srbiji. Rodna nezastupljenost i nejednakost kada je reč o vodećim pozicijama (ne samo u bankarskom sektoru i ne samo u […]

7 things I’ve learned talking with bright leaders from Google, AliExpress, Rainmaking and others

  It’s almost 10 months since I started contributing to CorD Magazine as a freelance ICT Journalist. It’s Serbia’s leading business and management magazine in English, and this gave me the opportunity to talk with bright people and leaders like Gary Illyes from Google, Ghela Boskovich from Rainmaking and FemTech, Zhiyu Chen from AliExpress (Alibaba Group), and others. […]

The Cure for Bureaucracy – Natasa Sekulic [CorD Magazine, July 2017]

This interview with Natasa Sekulic, President of the E-Government Alliance within NALED and IBM Country Leader for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania,was originally published in July 2017 issue of CorD Magazine. In a country in which a medium-sized bank prints 11 million papers a year, the retail chain spends 150,000 euros on the storage of documentation, shelves […]

Recognizing Consumer Needs In Advance – Zhiyu Chen [CorD Magazine, June 2017]

This interview with Zhiyu Chen, Chief Commercial And Product Officer At Ali Express (Alibaba Group) was originally published in June 2017 issue of CorD Magazine. Foto: Zoran Petrović / CorD Magazine Having started out with a staff of 18 in 1999, Alibaba Group (of which AliExpress represents one marketplace) has grown to become a giant […]

From Disruption To Collaboration – Ghela Boskovich [CorD Magazine, May 2017]

This interview with Ghela Boskovich, FemTech Founder and Head of FinTech & RegTech Partnerships at Rainmaking Innovation, home of Startupbootcamp; was originally published in May 2017 issue of CorD Magazine. Ghela Boskovich is the mind behind the FemTech movement and the head of FinTech and RegTech Partnerships at Rainmaking Innovation, home of Startupbootcamp, and the industry’s thought […]