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A year went by – and wether or not we keep track of years, a new beginnings and ends are time to reconsider and draw a line. One more journey around the sun is over, as we go towards the new stories and challenges, it’s a time to think of lessons learned…



At the same time,

2016 could be the most beautiful and the most challenging

year of my life…


For me, 2016 was the year I broke many rekords – both good and bad.

2016 was the year I travelled most, the year I held my first TEDx speech, the year I translated my first book, went through the worst depression in my life, had a month I earned most, a month I earned least, worked for the most clients from different countries, started a publishing house, started MSc at Rome Business School and a journalism course at London School of Journalism, seen the most favorite artists perform live and read some of the best books in my life…

New year is not only for new resolutions,

It’s a time to reconsider and say thanks


I was never really a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, euphoria about the calendar or keeping record over this and that, but at least for the last few years, beginning of a new year was a time to look back at what happened last year.

Maybe it’s a matter of aging or experiencing bigger changes in life as you start working and everything gets more turbulent than when you were just a student. Maybe it’s just in my temperament, or the fact that winters make me look at myself more, just like winter in Changing of the seasons “makes me reconsider it all”…

Anyhow, when a year ends and we slowly start a new one, I seem to take a moment and look back.

At first I didn’t even want to write a blog post about this – it seemed almost like bragging – oh, I did this, oh, I did that – but in the end I decided I’ll do it.

And I am not doing this only to look back and list important things for me – I want to encourage you to take a look back for yourself as well!

When you look back, you’d be surprised how many things were not even aware of.

I usually go through the photos on my phone, from the beginning of the year, towards the end, just scroll through all those moments, places and people… Maybe this could work for you as well…

What made you happy last year?

Who did you hang out with?

What made you sad? 

Where did you travel?

What did you learn? 

What were the high points?

What were the law points?

Here are some of mine:

2016 was the year I traveled most.
I’ve been to 12 countries, and stayed in Norway for a month.

2016 was the year of new beginnings.
I started a publishing house, I worked for clients from over 10 different countries…

2016 was the year of though periods.
I went through one of the hardest periods in my life and fought with depression. It made me feel scared, vulnerable and week at times. But in the end it made me learn a lot about myself, and appreciate the good times more.

2016 was the year I did a lot.
I held my first TEDx speech, I translated my first book from Norwegian, I started MSc in Marketing and Communications with a partial scholarship from Rome Business School and I finally took a London School of Journalism course.

For the whole 2016, I am honestly grateful…

New beginnings and new stories are ahead of us – I look forward to all the ups and downs, good and challenging surprises the next year will bring… There’s a lot of things to do, but before you go on – remember to take a look back and say thanks to all that’s behind us.

And when you go on, keep on rocking – your mountain is waiting.



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