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It’s the 364th day of 2018, but to me personally, it seems like it’s been many more days since the last December. It seems like a whole world of stuff happened meanwhile… which is both good, and at moments too much and overwhelming. 

So it’s time to take a look back – and ahead, as we approach to the new round around the Sun.

Some of the 2018 moments…

It’s been a roller coaster, amazing year with both great and bad things.

I travelled to some new places.

It was actually the “2nd most traveled year” so far. We greeted the new 2018 in Milan, Italy; and I was in Lisbon, Berlin, Palma, Zagreb and Budapest (x2).

From the Airport in Bergamo

I shared some knowledge, and had some interesting talks.

I spoke at a freelancer event at Impact Hub Belgrade. I spoke at an event for entrepreneurs at In Centar, and I was a mentor at Startup Live Belgrade event at the Chamber of Commerce.

For CorD Magazine, I interviewed John Hucker, President Of Swiss Finance + Technology Association and did a portrait-interview with Jelena Kovacevic, the first female dean of the Tandon School of Engineering, at the New York University.

Holding a lecture for (future) freelancers at Impact Hub Belgrade

Kovacnica prica published 3 new books

First there was a book launch of Serbian edition of Lyden av asfalt (The sound of asphalt) by Yngve Kveine, an interesting Norwegian writer and a great person who I became friends with along the way.

Then there was the workshop and book launch of Healing stories by Susan Perrow, asphalt writer, storyteller, teacher trainer and parent educator from Australia who’s worked with therapeutic stories for over 30 years.

Finally, Balkanlabyrinter (The Labyrinths of the Balkans) by Torstein Seim, former university lecturer for Norwegian language at Belgrade, and my former professor who lived in the Balkans for 15+ years finally saw the light of the day in Serbian as well, published by Kovacnica prica in November.

I’m really grateful for these three books, and meeting with each book, and each of the writers, meant a lot to me in different ways.

The Ambassador of Norway, H.E. Mr Arne Sannes Bjørnstad, organised a dinner in honour of Yngve, on the occasion of promotion of his book in Serbia

I lost 40kgs!

This was probably the biggest change for me this year, especially as the weight is something I’ve been struggling with for years. 

There were some fails… Quite a few actually

It is never all roses and sunshine, and there have been quite a lot of the things I failed at as well.

I didn’t learn German like I planned to. I actually took a break until further.
I didn’t read 10 books during the year like I wanted to.
I found 0 clients for a side-project.
I didn’t save as much money as I planned to (almost no savings at all actually).

The list goes on…

In the end…

I think it’s important to remember that the main thing is to keep on going. 
There will be many shitty days, bad fails, stupid people, hard situations… and also many amazing people, great days, small and big successes. And everything passes, both the good and the bad stuff, but we need to keep on going :)

Here’s to more good, less bad in the 2019, and a lot of courage in keeping on going!

P.S. I will write a blog post on some of the things, apps and tricks that helped me organise better, lose weight and reach my goals in a separate blog post in the beginning of 2019…

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