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When Samsung presented Galaxy Note 4 under IFA 2014 in Berlin, as with any flagship, the marketing machine’s been working at full power. But there was one particular campaign that really grabbed my attention.


Note 4 Family - Brother

Sometimes the best way to explain is to tell a story. 


People in charge definitely did a lot of cool stuff for Note 4 promotion, for example, an interesting YouTube-competition What is the Cutest Animal in the GALAXY (the winner was announced on the 7th of December), or a three-day #NoteMyDay campaign/Twitter takeover

But there was another campaigh that really grabbed my attention and it was a series of videos about Note 4 Family.


The Story About Note 4 Family:

Instructive + Warm & Funny = Good Content


It was a series of YouTube videos presenting each member of the family through the eyes of the youngest son.


Part of what I did back in 2014, and what I still today every day at work is creating content, and it is always tricky if you want to do it right. Because creating content is not only a matter of what you talk about, but even more so a matter of how you tell the story. And that’s why I loved these Note 4 commercials so much!

Ready, set, multiplayer

“This is my big brother. He’s always on his phone, and usually in a bad mood (…) But lately, I’ve seen some changes.”


They told a story in a great way. For instance, instead of saying that Note 4 has an XY MP front-facing camera, or an XY mAh battery, they were promoting the advantages and what the product gives you in a way that’s understandable and interesting for everyone. And that is always so much better than just giving out some numbers and bragging about the product itself. 

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Here are the videos with the main advantage they were focusing on. You should really check them out if you haven’t already:

Note: In the meantime, Samsung listed videos on the original channel as private and left videos on Samsung Malaysia channel in public. I’m referring to the slightly different titles and dates from the original channel and that’s why they don’t totally match with the embedded videos, though content is the same.
  1. 19th Nov – Big brother: READY SET MULTIPLAYER (Multitasking)

2. 20th Nov – Sister: REDY SET CHEEEE-ZE (Cameras)

3. 21st Nov – Dad: READY SET SUPERDAD (Fast charging + a better battery)

4. 11th Dec – Mom: REDY SET SUPER-DUPER MOM (Smart select)

5. 12th Dec – The Boy: READY SET HAPPY HOLIDAYS (S Pen)

Take Away

It is always important to think of who will consume your content, as well as when, where and how they will consume it (e.g. on which devices, through which channels and in what places – maybe on a bus or standing in a line?), as well as how they can interact with it.


This whole campaign was well-planned and had a smart timing (e.g. the videos about the mom and the boy himself were published right on time for holiday shopping under “My Mom Sure Knows How To Shop Smart!” and “Happy holidays!” slogans). While some other campaigns focused on interaction even more (e.g. the one with voting for the cutes animal in the galaxy).

How did you like the videos?
I think it’s oldie, but definitely a goldie 

Printscreen: YouTube/Samsung mobile